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AFPC is an independent and autonomous European Association representing international players from the card and digital identity industry

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AFPC, Who we are

Founded in 1988, the AFPC federates and follow the evolution process of the Microprocessor card towards more security, quality, functionality and industrial efficiency. It also supports the on going dematerialization process in these activities.

Thanks to its experts involved in the development and elaboration electronic payments means, The AFPC controls all the processes, innovations and standards related to this activity. The AFPC is involved in the development and control of European rules and standards within the ECSG (European Cards Stakeholders Group), a direct emanation of the EPC (European Payment Council).

AFPC works closely with national bodies that govern rules and standards of the French electronic payment industry and participates in the study and deployment of new concepts or products. AFPC is also committed in control of the security of payment means

AFPC is a non-profit-making-organization governed by French law from 1 July 1901, and composed of

  • A board of Directors
  • plenary assemblies
  • An annual general meeting

Our members are mainly:

Card body manufacturers

Card production or personalization equipment manufacturers

Chip embedding production plants

Card personalization bureaus

Development and services

Digital Identity

Our members

Our members, whether they are card manufacturers, personalization bureaus, production equipment manufacturers or providers of security and digital identity solutions…

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Our Ecosystem

It essentially includes the major players in the card market, in the physical and digital payment card personalization, in the processing of confidential data in a secure environment, and also card issuers, regulatory bodies and accreditation bodies, etc…

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Working groups

Organized in committees of experts, our actions are mainly focused on security, quality, control of standards and procedures.

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