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Working groups

Organized in committees of experts, our actions are mainly focused on security, quality, control of standards and procedures.

Aware of the major challenges of our time, we have also created a sustainable development commission in charge of dealing with the life cycle of the cards. Finally, as security and digital identity is an increasingly important issue in the card area, our members are actively participating in this new challenge.

Quality committee

  • Technical and technological quality of card bodies, of chip embedding and of electronic chips
  • Aging
  • Quality of the personalization

Ongoing action

  • Redesign and validation of the card transportation procedure with the GIE CB
  • Transposition of “CB” standards to PCI-CP standards
  • Stabilization of on-site audit procedures

Security Committee

  • Physical and logical security of production sites
  • Embedded security in the micromodule chip of the card
  • Control of national and international standards
  • Management of repositories for security and cryptographic systems

Ongoing action

  • AFPC-CB joint development of specification and standards for new products such as the metal card

Sustainable Development Commission

  • Coordination between industry and manufacturers to master European sustainability standards
  • AFPC membership to join the BILAN CARBONE® association
  • Implementation of life cycle management systems for payment means
  • Improved recycling of production scrap card (for manufacturing and personalization)

Ongoing action

  • Stabilization of the recycling process for all industrial members
  • Selection of the best suitable recycling companies in terms of carbon impact
  • Insulation of best recycling channels (cards with or without batteries)