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Founded in 1976, NiD is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). As the world cradle of watchmaking, the transmission of techniques and know-how between generations, combined with a constant quest for innovation, has allowed the development of new skills in various sectors of activity.

NiD has naturally followed this movement and this vision is reflected in the quality and precision of its manufactured products. Governed by a culture of confidentiality specific to Switzerland, NiD provides its customers with the best in secure technology.

Microtechnology has changed our daily lives and the demands of financial markets, which are governed by ever-increasing security. In response to these complex expectations, NiD’s patented production methods enable the integration of sophisticated electronic components into a wide variety of media, including compliant plastic cards.

Thanks to its innovative and pioneering spirit as well as its advanced technological skills, NiD’s products are internationally renowned and contribute to the excellent reputation acquired over the past decades in the field of secure identification.